Foster Carers

Foster Carers

New to fostering?
or persuing an existing foster career?

We work with foster carers who are able to provide good quality family homes and who are committed to safeguarding the child themselves whilst going the extra mile to make a positive difference.

We are committed to meeting the holistic needs of all children and young people, delivering high levels of care and support and training whilst appreciating and respecting their culture, religion, ethnicity, gender and age.

Types of Fostering?

​There are many different types of fostering depending on the needs of the child. Sometimes children only stay with a foster family for a few days, while others will live with their foster family for their entire childhood and beyond.

The type’s of placements we can provide include:

  • Short term Placements
  • Long Term Placements
  • Emergency Placements
  • Stepdown Placements
  • Respite Placements
  • Parent and Baby Placements
  • Bridging Placements
  • Multi-sibling Placements
  • Therapeutic Placements
  • Placements that meet Disability Needs
  • Remand Placements
  • Short Breaks
  • Early Intervention and Floating Support
  • Semi-Independent Move-On Accommodation & Support

What is fostering?

Fostering is a way of providing a stable family life for children and young people who are unable to live with their birth parents at a point in time.

Children come into care for many different reasons. Sometimes it is because of a parent’s short-term illness or a temporary problem within the family that requires the children to have alternative care. Some have experienced domestic violence or witnessed drug and alcohol misuse, others have been abused or neglected. For many children and young people fostering is often their first positive experience of family life.

Fostering offers children a safe and caring family, usually geographically close to their home, while they are unable to live with their own, and provides an opportunity for other professionals to work with the birth family to help resolve their issues.

Fostering Children in Nottingham

Rewards, pay and benefits

We are excited to meet people that want to make a difference to the lives of looked after children and in return will provide a rewarding tax-free income with additional benefits. Our foster carers are selected carefully and are trained, supported and rewarded for their expertise and commitment.

We provide excellent rates of pay to those that share the same values and commitment to children and young people, and who commit themselves to our vision. See our Allowances and Fees section to see what some of these rewards include.


What you can expect from us…


24/7 365 Support

A professional team that provides 24/7 support to all our foster carers, 365 days a year.


Allocated Professionals

Allocated family support-worker and qualified Registered Social Worker available to offer help and support throughout the duration of your service.


Relocation Opportunities

No spare room? We can still explore options to enable you to foster…

We have a range of rental properties with our partner company Oxygen Projects giving you the opportunity to relocate to a bigger rented property so you can foster one or more children.


Extension Opportunities

Do you own your own home but have no spare room?

We can provide an option for you to have your garage, loft or other suitable space converted so you have additional bedrooms to foster one or more children with us.


Access to a safe and reliable private vehicle

The choice to rent or buy a suitable car to enable you to get around hassle-free.


Travel Expenses

We provide additional travel expenses for those out-of-the-ordinary journeys.


Commitment and Respect

We take seriously our commitment to respect and we support you and your child every step of your journey together.


Unprecedented Training

All our foster carers receive structured and accredited therapeutic training.


Mutually Beneficial Relationships

An opportunity to be a part of an exciting and forward-thinking response agency that seeks to be innovative and make a positive difference in the lives of children and those that support them.


Great Pay and Rewarding Incentives

You can Earn £21,000+ per year, tax free.  Additional pay and rewards for achieving positive outcomes with the children.


Tax-Free Allowances

We offer a weekly allowance on top of your pay of £400-£1,000 (tax) free depening on the number of children you look after.


Personal Development

Opportunities to train with us and contribute in other areas of our business.


Have your voice heard

We have a Foster Care Support Group and Advisory Group available, giving you the opportunity to share your views and suggestions for improving the company and contributing to making a real difference in the lives of children.


Have fun

We host fantastic fun-filled and entertaining parties for all those special occasions.

Sound good? Would you like to find out more?

Your Journey Begins Here!

Apply now using our online Fostering Enquiry tool and we shall guide you through our simple process to become a therapeutic foster carer

Social Enterprise

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Fostering Families

Fostering Families is a therapeutic and innovative not-for-profit social enterprise that serves locally and regionally, to ensure every child has a safe and stable, loving family home in which to live and thrive.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Our response and support for foster carers


We hope you are all well. We are very much thinking of you all at this difficult time. The health issues and concerns relating to Corona virus (Covid-19) are unfortunately continuing on and we very much hope that this impacts you and your family as little as possible; we do appreciate the challenges that are currently taking place.

As a Fostering Agency supporting children, young people and you, we are monitoring official guidance set out by National Government, Public Health England, The Foreign and Commonwealth Office, World Health Organisation and are adapting our practices as suitably as possible, in order to reduce and minimise the threat and risks posed by Covid-19.

Please click on the button below to see national guidance and updates about Covid-19.

We are following the Government Guidance, NHS, Children’s Commissioner and other authorities to make sure we are doing everything we can.

If you have any questions, please email or speak to your social worker.

Thank you for your ongoing support.


Government Guidance